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New Zealand and proud

We’re from a little country called New Zealand. We’re pretty proud of our little country and we thought you might like to know a bit more about us. So, here are four things that may or may not come in handy for the next family game of Trivial Pursuit or pub quiz you attend:

Where the bloody hell is New Zealand?

Yes, we get this quite a lot! New Zealand is a tiny little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, America is 3,558% bigger than us! We’re so small, we’ve been known to get missed off important World Maps.  Luckily, after having a good laugh at our expense, John Oliver has taken up our cause and has developed this handy cut out.
Print it out and keep it in your pocket in case you stumble across one of these world maps. We’d be really grateful.

We’re all naturalists at heart…

…not to be confused with naturists which is something quite different!
Anyhoo, we Kiwis (that’s another name for a New Zealand person) are really proud of our beautiful country – we have beautiful mountains, rivers and coastlines that we love to fish, ski, swim, walk and hunt. We also have beautiful ranches, although we call them farms, which we confess doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

We only have 5 million people but 26 million sheep who are free to roam our beautiful countryside. With all this natural goodness, its not surprising that we produce some of the best food products in the world.

We’re small but we try really really hard to be the best.

In fact, we’ve been best in the world at lots of things. It was a kiwi who first climbed Mt Everest, our All Black rugby team is the best in the world, the very talented Lorde hails from NZ and we’re currently working out how to put rockets into space, with your help, thanks for that (the founder is a kiwi).  No surprises then that we’re trying to make the worlds best natural sausage casings. Luckily we’ve got the best product to work with.

We’re avid hunter gatherers

When it comes to hunting, New Zealander’s are spoilt for choice. We have 30,000 square km of National Park (11% of our total land area) and vast farmland containing wild deer, chamois, pigs, ducks and trout and salmon. We are also the only place on earth you can hunt the magnificent wild Himalayan Thar.

If you are interested in seeing some hunting in New Zealand, check out our friends at The Hunters Club. You’ll find stunning viewing of our beautiful country and some epic hunting to boot.