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Natural and Sustainable

As a product born out of turning something that would otherwise be thrown in the bin into something delicious, sustainability is at the core of what we do. 
Our goal is to tread as lightly on the planet as we can and to make sustainable choices so that the next generation get to hunt, farm, butcher, craft, BBQ and savour the pleasure of a great tasting sausage.
We’re certainly not perfect and at present there are not perfect environmentally friendly solutions for everything that we do or want to change.  We’ve started the journey and our commitment is to always try to make the most sustainable choices that we reasonably can.

Honor the whole animal

-Sausages have been made since Ancient Roman times as a way to honour and utilise the whole animal they are sourced from. This ethos still stands today as sausages turn parts of the animal – the intestines and secondary cuts of meat and fat - that may otherwise be wasted or dumped into something delicious. You could say that the humble sausage is a waste minimisation hero.

-Our products are naturally and perfectly made by mother nature which is why we only need water and salt to make our products. In contrast, collagen casings use lots of funky chemicals, which is not great for mother nature or your sausage!

What we've already done:

-We’ve installed solar panels on our roof which produce electricity to run a portion of our factory. They are producing the equivalent of four households worth of electricity.

-We’ve banned the use of polystyrene boxes (poly-bins).

-We’ve banned the use of plastic buckets for our New Zealand orders. We’ve replaced them with cardboard boxes which all contain recycled material and are recyclable.

-We’ve put a recycling programme in place so that all recyclable packaging we receive or consume is sent to recyclers.

What we’re working on:

-We are currently kicking off a carbon measurement study to understand our carbon footprint. We will then make a plan for how we minimise it and then eliminate it. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2026.

-We plan to switch out our current gas powered boiler, which heats the water that we use in our processing facility, with a new electricity powered boiler in 2022. This will significantly reduce our carbon footprint as 84% of New Zealand’s electricity production is already from renewable sources (mostly geothermal, hydro and wind). New Zealand’s goal is to have 100% renewable energy by 2035.

-We have a project which aims to source more environmentally friendly packaging, taking into account carbon footprint and end of life (recyclability and/or composability).