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Natural Sheep Casings 24-26mm 131ft/40m


Casings are the hidden superhero of your sausage. Your sausage casing is what keeps all your carefully chosen ingredients, flavours and juices in and it also dictates the texture and eating experience of your final sausage.

We believe sheep casings are the best. They are less prone to chewiness than hog casings and have an amazing ‘semipermeable’ wall which breathes, meaning your beautiful BBQ/cooking/smoking flavors can permeate the casing and infuse your sausage meat.

The end result is a sausage with better flavor and juiciness, great sizzle and the much prized sausage “pop” that you can only get from a sausage made with a natural casing.

- PRODUCT FORMAT: 131ft/40m total. 4 x 32ft/10m lengths of natural, edible sheep casings, otherwise known as sheep intestines or sausage skins.

-PRE-TUBED: Our casings are pre-threaded onto hard tubes for easy transfer to your sausage maker nozzle and no annoying knots or tangles (please don't remove from tubes). 

- PRODUCT SIZE: A Grade Uniform 24/26mm. Your sausage will be 24-26mm/about 1" diameter once casing filled/stuffed. About the size of a Quarter. For details on how casing sizing works follow this link. 

- UTILISATION: As a guide, with this 131ft/40m product you can make a total of approximately 12kg/27LB of sausages or approx 200 x 2oz sausages. 

- NO 'SHORTS': We are proud to have a no 'shorts' guarantee. 'Shorts' are short casing off-cuts that could only be 2ft long that some manufacturers cheekily package up and sell off to home sausage makers.

- CERTIFIED HALAL: All our sheep casings are independently audited and certified Halal by the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust (Halal Licence HL MP2901/2020). We have a dedicated facility that ONLY processes sheep casings. Our hog casings are processed in a separate facility in Germany.

- BEST BEFORE: Your product will have a minimum best before life of 6 months. It will last this full time, even if opened, as long as our usage and storage instructions are followed.

- ORDERS & SHIPPNG: Our products are currently available to purchase on Amazon.com (stock is sitting in Amazon fulfilment centres in USA ready to ship). Click the 'Buy on Amazon' button to go to our Amazon store.

- WHOLESALE: We make bulk sausage casings for sausage manufacturers, distributors and butchers all around the globe - Germany, France, South Africa, Singapore, Korea, Australia to name a few. If you are needing lots of sausage casings we would love to hear from you. Contact us here.

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Types of Sausages

History and tradition usually guides which sausage casings are used for each type of  sausage, and therefore the size of the sausage. However, there really is no technical  reason that sausages have to be certain sizes, and therefore use certain casings.

Our advice is, don’t get too caught up on the size of your sausage. Our natural sheep casings make slim, tender & juicy sausages and are traditionally used for chipolatas, breakfast sausages, frankfurters, hot dogs, cabanossi, chorizo, merguez, pork,  venison, lamb, beef, chicken or halal sausages .

Looking for a big, fat & plump sausage? Try our natural hog casings.

Usage & Storage Instructions:


1) Rinse casings thoroughly on tubes under cold tap.
2) Soak casings on tubes in warm water (99F - body temp) for minimum of 45mins or in cold water overnight.
3) Transfer from tube to sausage stuffing horn. Please use a 13mm/0.5" nozzle on your sausage stuffer.

- STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please store in refrigerator. Once opened generously resalt any left over casings. Wrap in clingfilm and store airtight in our resealable pouch provided or in a container up to the best before date.

- SHELF LIFE: Our product has a 12 month shelf life from date of manufacturer. It will last it's full shelf life, even if product is opened as long as storage instructions are followed. 

See our full usage & storage instructions here.